Hello World!
Wednesday 11th April 2012, 19:30
Blog post uno!! I'll be interested to see if I keep up with this, I don't usually. However I have more hope for this. I'm using a friend's CMS (Nexedit) and it is very nice and simple. I thought I might gel with it better than I do most blogging platforms. We'll have to see how it works for maintaining a blog. I may try and see if I can make the site work with some sort of categorizing system. That will be well into the future.

For anyone who saw the website previously, you may notice that I have slightly restructured the page and removed some parts. I felt I was wasting space in the last design, so I have now decided to fill out the whole page. Of course, the site will improve as time goes on, but right now I have to revise for exams, practice music, write, live life, etc. I still have my twitter feed to the side of this as I know that I will always keep that updated. Anyway for now this is it, hopefully I will get round to organising the website a bit more soon.