Sailing Through Work
Friday 13th April 2012, 23:15
As you can see the design has changed to a much better one, in my opinion. I've been working on using CSS3 to make my website designs look better over the past few days and it's worked out pretty well. Today I have started work on a new project of mine, I wont say much about it just yet, but it's going to be refreshing to work on something new. I also added a feature to this website that creates a short summary of the blog posts to put on the front page and then put a 'read more' after it. It was very easy to do, but a useful feature to have on here all the same. In non-web related things my band (Another Happy Landing) has almost finished up the demo. It has five tracks and it's been fun to do. I'll probably make a post once it's done. We play Pop Punk / Alternative Rock, taking influence from Blink, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Cure, etc. Completely random on the side, I wrote a five hundred word short story last night, I wont post it on here as it is not good enough. But I'm looking to start writing again and maybe making some videos, so watch out for that.