Blog update: January 2019

I thought it would be worth posting a short update on the status of this blog as I haven’t written in some time.

To be honest, I feel like I haven’t had too much interesting to say. In my early monthly updates, I felt as though I was tracking a journey. I enjoyed documenting the ups and downs and am glad to have them to look back on. I feel as though I’m in a slightly different place in my life now than I was then. At this point in time, I’m simply a student working hard to secure a first in my degree. Over the past few months I’ve become quite content with that! It just happens that I don’t feel inspired to share much of that publically on this blog 😂

I’m interested to write more posts similar to my last - even though I don’t think it had much reach. My monthly posts served a purpose at some point, but I would rather now focus on writing more quality content that has some actual utility. I don’t expect to have much to say for the next few months while I finish my degree, but I would like to spend more time writing on topics like that after my graduation.

I am really glad that I did the monthly update thing (although it wasn’t always monthly really, was it!), I feel as though doing it helped to improve my writing. I enjoyed how throw away it could be - I would often write, do one read-thru/edit and then post. I was great practice! Over the past year I’ve written a lot more in my private journal and I’d definitely say that the monthly updates contributed to my comfortability with it. I guess I’m not ruling out ever doing the monthly thing but for now it’s not for me.

While I’m here, one thing that is worth noting is that HackSussex 2018 went really well. We learned well from the year before and once again were helped immensely by amazing volunteers. After two years of running HackSussex, me, Pete & Sam have now handed over our responsbilities to a new committee - we’re excited to see the event & society continue after we move on.

As a little send off, I wanted to recap my highlights from running HackSussex. I really enjoyed running a hackathon a lot more than I ever expected to. My favourite part of the process definitely has to be the weekend itself. I really enjoyed the excitement when preparing the venue the night before - staying up super late and loading up lifts with ridiculous amounts of snacks + refreshments. I loved the comradery that would develop between everyone involved in helping the event run. There were always volunteers who I hadn’t met before and the weekend would feel like such a long time that by the end of it I felt like I’d known them for a long time. I’m so glad that we gave a prize for the best unfinished hack - I worry that there’s too much of an expectation to produce fully-functioning, beautiful projects at hackathons. Overall, one of my favourite things to do would be to go and hear about the hackers’ projects, and to be excited to see them present them! This year our first place winners were a group who had not met each other before and they each brought their own strengths to their project. In their presentation they included a selfie of them all, they genuinely seemed to have made a real connection at our event. It was such a lovely note to end on.

As I mentioned, now I’m just focusing on succeeding in my degree! I’m also starting to think about post uni life, so if anyone knows of any interesting oppertunities in machine learning or software engineering please do let me know! Until next time.