From the Bookmarks: November 2022

I recently find myself spending a lot more time reading technical blogs, and coming across many insightful and interesting posts.

I tend to bookmark these so that I can revisit them later. I thought it could also be worth sharing a subset of them here every now and then.

Here’s a few bookmarks from November:

The Perfect Commit

“The Perfect Commit” by Simon Willison was a nice refresher for me on how to frame a Git commit. Atomic commits that are easy to cherry-pick, revert or patch from have proved to be quite useful, especially when working on a busy repository with other people.

12 Factor App Revisited

“12 Factor App Revisited” by Mahdi Yusuf is a great visual resource that documents the methodology of building Software-as-a-Service applications. At the bottom of the post there is a brilliant diagram of all twelve steps.

Major Version Numbers are Not Sacred

“Major Version Numbers are Not Sacred” by Tom Preston-Werner was a really succinct argument for the more consistent use of major version numbers in Semantic Versioning. The author makes a compelling case, which I tend to agree with:

“Either SemVer means something, or it doesn’t.”