Monthly: July 2016

So it’s 2AM and I’ve decided I have to start blogging at least monthly. Here goes.

This year so much has been going on and will continue to, I feel like it’d be a waste if I did not at least try to write about it. The aim here is to provide a little insight into what I’m up to, maybe share my findings along the way and ultimately produce something that is somewhat interesting to read.

Notice: It is my intention to re-design this website once I have the time.

So far this summer, since finishing my first year of university, I’ve been working on TRIM-IT where I am heading up technical development. My role encompasses building all the web parts and also making sure we deliver on all technical aspects. I’m blessed to be working alongside two brilliant app developers, Bolaji and Pete, who as you read are working away at the mobile apps.

Mostly my work on TRIM-IT this month has been on our API. This was always going to be a large task and therefore the task that I wanted to handle first. I spent a long while back in June designing the various endpoints and database structure to ensure that I wasn’t about to try and build this thing blind. That process really re-enforced my belief that you simply can not design too much. I think to myself “I’ve designed this system as much as is physically possible” and I can tell you this is rarely ever seems to be the case! I had the same experience with my end of year project for my course, and proved a nice answer to the inevitable question from my lecturer: “What would you have done differently if you could do it again?”

As I write I am making the finishing touches to the API before I move my full attention to our web app. I’m very excited about this as we have a brilliant design team and nothing beats working with a great design! I’m also going to be diving into Angular 2, which I’ve been playing around with for a little while and am now raring to sink my teeth into and start hooking up to the API.

So far I’ve found working towards TRIM-IT’s initial launch has really helped fine tune my Git and testing workflow. In previous personal projects I’d really struggle to settle into a good routine but I have only broken my current routine on one occasion. The aim is to always stick to the test, fix, test, commit flow as it is working wonders for me as I continue to grow the codebase. As it currently stands my testing suite is far from perfect but definitely does the job. I am able to make changes and feel confident that if the suite passes that everything is okay.

Besides TRIM-IT, I’m excited to be heading back to Tomango for a few weeks in August. One thing I often miss about work is being in the office and the structure (and tea) that comes with that. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone’s been and what they’ve been working on. In time that I’m not working I’ve been enjoying a few hugs with my new baby brother, Noah, and also thinking a lot of about the future.

And now: sleep.