Monthly: July 2017

July sees the second half of the year! I’ve received my grades back from first year, had my first go at public speaking and built & launched my first ever progressive web app!

So after finishing the first year of my bachelors in June, I got my grades back! I’m really happy with how I did – I’ve secured a first, which was my goal. I know my grades don’t count until second year but I still like to know that I’ve understood the work properly and get confirmation of it. I actually did alright on that Neuroscience & Behaviour exam I was worried about, I got 63% for that module, which isn’t my strongest, but honestly I’m really pleased with it! I’m now very ready to start second year. The school has started to put out provisional timetables and I’m really looking forward to my modules. I have one called Natural Language Engineering, which should be quite challenging!! I’m sure September will come round before I know it.

Me and Pete are still working our way through changes to the TRIM-IT app. We’ve been able to make lots of small improvements already and are in the middle of developing and testing some much bigger changes we hope to be rolling out by the end of August – keep an eye out!

Me giving my first ever public talk. Credit to Lola ( Thanks to Lola for this photo! You can see more at:

Like I mentioned last month, I was offered to give a talk at Startup Talks by The Connection. This was the first time I ever gave a talk like this, so I was very nervous, and I can’t quite believe I managed to do it! But it went really well, it was a lovely event! I was able to speak to some great people at the event also and made good connections. I spoke about my journey dealing with my confidence and also about how I’ve been balancing my work/life balance. I was glad my talk was well received and I would actually do it again! I really proud of this achievement.

So if you’ve seen my Twitter this month you might have seen me tweeting a lot about this thing I’ve been building. After the Startup Talks event, I gave out a few of my business cards and a few days after I was worried they may have been lost in the bags/wallets/purses of those I met (it later turns out that wasn’t the case, I’m just inpatient). However, this got me thinking about a way to help this experience. I had the idea of starting the interaction at the point of meeting. I discussed it with Sam and Pete a bit, after which Pete showed me a thread on London Startups. After this I decided to just build it.

The concept is you enter your new contacts address, then your own and the web app will email you both, so that when you get home you don’t need to recall the moment – as it’s already there in your inbox. I know this is something I will use and I wanted a challenge, so I did it. The majority of the work took about two days, but because of other things it ended up being a week before I launched it. You can use it at: I built it as a progressive web app, so it will still load while offline and prompt you to retry sending until you connect to a network again. If you’re using a Android browser like Chrome or Samsung Internet you can also add it to your home screen like a native app!! I’m going to be writing a blog post about this soon to detail the process if anyone is interested!

Besides this, I watched my Grandma’s choir perform at the Hawth in Crawley, took my little sister to the Natural History Museum and have been trying my best to catch up with friends. Unfortunately July also saw Chester Bennington’s death, which really shook me – I’ve always enjoyed Linkin Park’s music, when I heard the news it really struck me. I really hope he found peace in the end.

I’m still part way through re-designing this site, I’ve just got to develop it now.

Elliot x